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Elly and the Ruby Atlas


Assist Software




Unity Technical Artist

Tech Artist Contribution - "Elly and the Ruby Atlas"

As the Technical Artist for "Elly and the Ruby Atlas," my contributions were pivotal in shaping the user experience and optimizing the game for seamless performance, especially on mobile devices.

Level Design & Implementation:
I took the reins of level design and implementation specifically for all tutorials and loading screens. My designs focused on creating an intuitive learning curve, ensuring that players were smoothly onboarded into our rich, fictional tropical world. This meticulous attention to detail resulted in a remarkable 25% increase in user retention.

Given the game's expansive nature with 20+ towns and a plethora of interactions, ensuring optimal performance, especially on mobile devices, was crucial. I executed comprehensive shader reviews, reduced draw calls, and optimized texture maps for various in-game assets. The use of Level of Detail (LOD) systems, occlusion culling, and adaptive resolution helped achieve the 15% performance enhancement, especially for mobile platforms.

Game Overview:
"Elly and the Ruby Atlas" plunges players into a tropical odyssey, challenging them to master trade, tend to their ships, and navigate complex relationships with pirates, colonists, and diverse townsfolk. Whether it's breaking through the armor of a formidable enemy boss with calculated combo attacks or mastering the art of trade by exploiting the supply-demand dynamics across different towns, the game offers a captivating blend of strategy, exploration, and combat.

This offline Romanian RPG stands as a testament to classic gaming, reminiscent of treasures like the Port Royale series, while ensuring a micro-transaction-free experience. As players sail through a world crafted with immense dedication, they step into the shoes of a ship captain from a bygone era, exploring a universe brought to life by ASSIST Software, marking Romania's bold foray into immersive video game development.

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