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Hi! I’m Dariana.

Role : Metaverse Architect 

The First Metaverse Architecture Biennale is an avant-garde event celebrating the blend of digital architecture with virtual experiences. "Morpho Genesis: A Transformational Odyssey" stands out, capturing life's metamorphosis through the lens of a butterfly's journey. In Decentraland, attendees are embraced by butterfly-wing-inspired designs, while in W3rlds, they explore a balance of calm interiors and vibrant exteriors. Overall, "Morpho Genesis" is a poignant blend of design and emotion in the metaverse.

Morpho Genesis

Role : Metaverse Architect 

Innovatively inspired by Saturn's hexagonal attributes, this Metaverse project stands out not only for its creativity but also for its functionality. It secured the esteemed 1st prize in the House category at Renovi NextTopMetaverseBuilder

Hexa Reality

Role : Metaverse Architect 

Drawing inspiration from the duality of Venus, this metaverse project is both innovative and captivating. It was awarded the 1st prize in the "My City in Metaverse" competition hosted by Nvidia x F64


Role : Unity Technical Artist

Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a free offline adventure RPG, entirely in-house by ASSIST Software, using the Unity Engine. It’s available both on  Android and iOS and it was designed around 3 gameplay pillars: 

  • Action-oriented combat and beat’em up sections 

  • A supply and demand trade system 

  • A highly customizable player ship

Elly and the Ruby Atlas

Role : XR Designer 

The Sustainable Development Goalggles VR experience was designed for the Oculus Quest 2 to raise awareness about sustainable cities, communities, and behaviors. The interactive game transports users to a virtual city environment, where they must identify and distinguish between sustainable and unsustainable actions within various scenes.

Sustainable Development Goalggles

VR Game

CEE-Forum_Forbes_-Carton_2022_15_nou-1024x576 111.jpg

Role : XR Designer 

This all-encompassing and intuitive app delivers the most pertinent business articles, interviews, and news directly to your fingertips using AR technology.

Forbes AR Magazine

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