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Hexa Reality


Renovi NextTopMetaverseBuilder




Renovi Metaverse


Metaverse Architect

At the esteemed Renovi NextTopMetaverseBuilder competition, a groundbreaking design inspired by Saturn's unique hexagonal patterns was recognized. As a Metaverse architect, this creation clinched the top honor in the House segment. The space masterfully intertwines natural aesthetics and functionality, with hexagons laying the foundation for a soothing, immersive ambiance.

The design's modular architecture offers tailored living spaces to match individual preferences. Central to this is the living area, which boasts a suspended planet centerpiece, branching out to specialized zones: an intimate ground-level bedroom, a serene garden, and another bedroom.

The chosen color scheme exudes peace and steadiness, inviting users to experience this hexagonal haven. Saturn's Metaverse stands as a versatile space, accommodating the spectrum of solitude to social interaction

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